September 23, 2009

The Prodigal Blogger

Blueberry hand pies

Well, it happened. I finally got fat enough from all of the creaming, whipping, and consuming of butter that it took me just about a month to muster the strength to lift one fifty-pound finger to type a few words for this blog. Each word I type costs me eight grams in sugary sweat. Between blueberry hand pies, butterscotch pudding, spicy brownies, and a final adieu to hamburgers (though it was not long ago that we said "hello!" again), your humble and rotund author has finally grown a set of twinkie-esque fingers that have made it hard to blog. Seriously. Okay really, I am terminally lazy, but this blog is important to me, so I wanted to post a set of teaser photos to entice you back to the diabetic side. Recipes will eventually follow. Thanks for, um, stick-y-ing around, hah hah.

Honey-caramel peach pie

Brioche hamburger (veggie burger too!) buns

Almond cake with raspberry filling and bittersweet chocolate frosting

Sweet cherry pie with all-butter crusts, a.k.a. Pony Pie